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What Is Online Reputation?

What is online reputation? Your brand’s online reputation is the consensus public opinion about your company, products, and services based on your digital presence and internet reputation reviews. Reputation online is the element that controls how the entire market – from your employees, investors, and partners to your prospects and customers – perceives your brand.

An excellent online reputation draws in more investors and customers and increases your profitability. A bad reputation online, on the other hand, ripples through your business, affecting your brand image, marketability, online growth, and revenue.

After all, what is online reputation if not a reliable means to gauge a company’s commitment to its clientele and niche market?

When searching for your company online, you want to ensure your internet reputation accurately reflects your brand narrative. However, some business owners and marketers tend to neglect their internet reputation, making them more vulnerable to online reputation risks and crises, including fake online reviews and unresolved customer complaints. Your brand reputation could face serious repercussions when left unchecked for an indefinitely long period.

In some cases, brands that acquire bad reputations and reviews also lack the skills and resources to fix reputation and recover. This is where the expertise of internet reputation companies comes in.


Improve Your Visibility and Credibility With Repair Online Reputation Services

The best online reputation management companies offer brand reputation management and repair online reputation services to protect your reputation online and ensure you have control over your search landscape.

Jemma is a trusted internet reputation management company that persistently develops strategic reputation repair services to help you cultivate a positive brand presence and attract new and repeat customers to your business.

Reach out to our online reputation expert and discover the many ways our business reputation management and reputation repair services can help you clean up your internet reputation and safeguard your brand image.

Monitor the Web and Tackle Negative Customer Feedback Head-On

How a Business’s Online Reputation Is Constructed

A lot of factors go into your business reputation. Your online reviews, social media and digital presence, marketing materials, communication practices, and brand relationships shape your reputation online. These fundamental elements influence conversations about your brand and create a general perception of your credibility and trustworthiness.

The sooner you start your brand reputation monitoring and business reputation management, the better your chances of early identification of internet reputation risks and mitigating the ramifications of fake, negative online reviews.

Ready to build your reputation online? Jumpstart your business reputation management with this internet reputation best practices:

Develop a Strong Thought-Leadership Brand

Why a Positive Online Reputation Matters

With easy access to information, what people say about your company matters now more than ever. A BrightLocal research study revealed that 92 percent of people would not engage with a company with a bad online reputation.

By prioritizing your brand and reputation management, you can dispose of or amend information that does not match your business identity and ensure your brand is accurately represented online. Focus on your online business reputation management and gain your competitive edge!

Here are more reasons you need to clean up your online reputation and maintain a positive brand image:

Gain Internet Reputation Control

While you have authority over your website and online platforms, it’s highly likely that there is more information about your brand across the web that you do not have control over. This is where online brand reputation management comes in. If you have a positive online business reputation, people would doubt the authenticity of fake negative reviews about your brand and loyal customers will echo your positive online reviews. This gives you a little sense of internet reputation control and the confidence that your company is well-represented online.

Facilitate Better Brand Engagement

Your reputation online determines people’s level of engagement with your business. If you have a bad online reputation and do not exert any effort to clean up your internet reputation, it’s difficult to get people to warm up to you, let alone trust you. Having a good internet reputation, on the other hand, is a quick and easy way to demonstrate your business’s trustworthiness. Plus, with positive reputation and reviews, your clients and employees will feel more confident in promoting and referring your brand to their network.

Demonstrate Your Brand Authenticity

With millions of businesses competing in the global marketplace, you need to make sure your brand stands out. And what better way to showcase your unique value proposition (UVP) and quality of service than through your online reputation? Your reputation online tells people what to expect from your company. With 79 percent of people trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, having more positive reviews and 5-star ratings is an effective way to assure online users you value transparency and client experience.

Improve Your Local SEO

Online business reputation management and local SEO efforts are closely tied together. A BrightLocal research study found that online reviews take up 16 percent of ranking factors in 2020. This means maintaining a positive reputation online gives you better chances of landing on the first page of search results. Online business reputation management allows you to create a strong brand recognition across the web, improve the quality and quantity of your user-generated content (UGC), ramp up your local rankings and boost your on-site conversions.

Protect Your Brand from False Information

Any mistakenly uploaded tweet from your company or false information posted about your brand could instantly go viral and ruin not only your internet reputation but also your online success. Maintaining a reputable brand image allows you to safeguard your company from malicious and erroneous content posted online. When your business encounters difficult customers or dire situations, the negative internet reputation reviews will have less clout. More importantly, far fewer people will be influenced by those fraudulent pieces of content.

Drive Higher Conversions

Online reviews scattered across the web make it easier for potential customers to make their first impressions and decisions about your business. Having a well-curated online presence is a surefire way to attract your target audience and convert them into lifetime customers. A good online business reputation facilitates relationship growth that ripples throughout your network and conversion rate optimization (CRO) campaigns. According to a Spiegel Research Center study, having a positive brand reputation increases your on-site conversions by up to 270 percent.

Common Ways Your Business’s Online Reputation Can Be Damaged

The consequences can be devastating when you fall into an online reputation crisis.

Online reputation risks and crises are defining moments for a company. From your brand image and online growth to your overall profitability, negative brand and personal online reputation have enormous repercussions for your business. All it takes is a bad online reputation to make the public lose confidence in your brand and wipe out millions or billions of potential revenues.

Jemma SEO Performance Audit

Here's How We Helped Save an Auto Insurance Company's Reputation

In 2022, a real estate company reached out to us to better understand its digital footprint and gain control of its brand reputation and search results. Our main goal was to push down negative brand mentions to the second page of the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase its leads by executing a data-driven SEO strategy.

How to push negative search results down was our main question. Our SEO and online reputation experts created a shared negative keyword library, performed extensive keyword research to review search volumes, and performed technical SEO updates and content optimization to push down negative reviews and content.

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