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What Is Content Writing?

As more companies turn to online marketing and compete on digital platforms, many businesses struggle to gain brand traction and stay ahead of the curve. Showcase your industry knowledge and rise above this saturated digital marketplace through effective content writing and consistent content marketing efforts.

Content writing is mapping out ideas and developing website content that meets search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. Websites require quality SEO content to represent their brand or services best. If you want your site to showcase your positive brand image and achieve your sales goals, you must produce descriptive, original, understandable, and SEO-friendly content.

But not only that: You should also enhance your content marketing efforts to capture your audience’s attention and move prospects through your sales funnel.



SEO content writing is the initial phase of content marketing. It centers on creating and optimizing dynamic web content to convey your brand message and ensure a smooth website experience for online users.

Once you’re done developing website content, the next phase of your content plan is to promote it on the proper channels. This is where SEO content marketing comes in.

SEO content marketing is a strategic approach focused on disseminating relevant and SEO-friendly content on various online platforms to drive profitable customer action.

A well-articulated digital content marketing strategy makes it easier to gauge the effectiveness of your content development strategy and identify opportunities for improvement.

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SEO and Content

Many marketers consider SEO and content marketing to be two different strategies. On the contrary, SEO and content optimization are interconnected disciplines that share the same goal: to provide the best possible solution to online users’ information needs.


Popular Content Types We Offer

When you hear “content writing,” what do you think? If you’re like most businesses, blog posts would probably be the first thing that comes to your mind. While blogging is among the most well-known forms of online content, there’s a lot more SEO content that you can add to your SEO content marketing arsenal.

Our content strategy agency works with local businesses, enterprises, multiple-location companies, and large franchises to handle the development and execution of their content management strategy. These are some of the most popular types of online content we can help you with:

Blog Posts

Statistics show websites with active blogs generate 97 percent more backlinks than their competition. Build brand awareness and generate more brand mentions from authoritative sites with useful and relevant blog posts. Our content writing agency uses advanced keyword research tools and performs extensive niche analysis to identify high-converting content ideas and create opportunities for social sharing.

Website Content

The quality and value of your web content determine whether page visitors stay or leave. As your dedicated content agency, we ensure your website content reflects your SEO keyword strategy, captures your unique brand voice and represents your company in a positive light. Our website content writer works closely with your in-house representatives to accurately communicate your website’s purpose and convince visitors to take action.

Service Pages

Do you offer two or more services? Or do you specialize in specific areas of your niche market? Our content strategy services team comprises SEO content writers with diverse industry knowledge and subject matter expertise, so you can rely on us to create expert content no matter your industry. Whether you’re in the healthcare, finance, construction, manufacturing or food delivery industry, our content writing company has got you covered!

Location-Specific Pages

Does your company serve two or more local and/or international locations? Our content marketing company creates city and state pages, depending on your business’s marketing needs and demands. We use a geo-specific SEO keyword research strategy to show customers where you are and highlight your specific brand offerings per location. These practices allow our content agency to improve your local SEO and attract targeted leads.

Landing Pages

Share the benefits of your products and services and convert more visitors into paying customers with SEO-optimized landing pages. Jemmaaa's SEO content writing service covers the creation of landing pages to support your social media paid advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Our content expert ensures your web content matches your ads, creates strong calls-to-action (CTAs) and uses compelling web copy to improve your conversions.

Social Media Content

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to drive more inbound traffic and showcase your brand authority. Some marketers, however, take online content strategy development for granted, so they lose the opportunity to connect with more fans and followers. As your partner content writing company, we take note of the correct format and monitor character counts for each platform to deliver on-brand social media content that converts.

Content Writing

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