Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Gain Customer Trust and Propel Your Brand Success

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Make a Great First Impression With Your Target Audience

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Your online reputation is a trust signal determining if prospects will do business with you. According to a study by the University of Technology Sydney, most consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service from a company with a stellar reputation online. What does your brand reputation look like?

Whether you own or manage a small business, Fortune 500 company, or multi-location firm, you must maintain a positive online reputation to establish your thought-leadership brand and gain better online recognition. Online reputation management allows you to do just that.

Reputation management safeguards the online reputation of an individual, company, or organization to shape public perception. Internet reputation management ensures online users and search engines find suitable materials when they search for your brand online.

Online reputation management involves:

  • Review generation
  • Survey campaign management
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Social media follower growth service
  • Review marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) reputation management
  • Online reputation repair

Ignore your reputation online, and you risk falling victim to rumors and misinformation. On the other hand, you gain reputation control and create a wealth of positive, quality materials that reflect your personal brand.


Is Your Business Represented Fairly Online?

Statistics show nine out of 10 consumers read online reviews before making a purchase, and nearly 62 percent will not buy from a company that censors business reviews. Furthermore, brands that receive only one or two stars on review platforms such as Yelp or Google risk losing 86 percent of their prospects.

Don’t let a negative comment or fake customer review ruin your online reputation. Capitalize on goal-driven reputation management services and learn how to get more reviews on Google and other platforms.

Jemma is one of the best reputation management companies, offering custom reputation management services tailored to your unique branding and goals. Connect with our reputation management company, and let us show you how to get more reviews and streamline your brand reputation management.

Win Back Unhappy Customers and Boost Your Client Retention Rate

What Does Your Online Reputation Look Like?

Many businesses treat digital marketing as a set-and-forget way of building an online reputation. However, online marketing entails more than launching local SEO and social media marketing campaigns.

Even if you have a robust digital marketing strategy, you still risk increasing your customer churn by 15 percent if you don’t engage actively with your customers. Moreover, no matter how many followers you have on social media, unless you respond to customer reviews, your followers will only see you as a business page looking to earn profits.

What does your online reputation say about your company? Does your reputation management strategy bring profit or do more harm than good to your business?

Online reviews are inevitable components of digital marketing. People want to know they’re reading honest reviews written by real customers. As such, your reputation manager must regularly monitor the quality and quantity of your online reviews.

Stay on Top of Your Brand Mentions and Search Results

Why Your Business Needs Online Reputation Management

A strong SEO strategy has three core components: on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. On-page optimization includes optimizing your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and images for search engines. Link building involves acquiring links from other websites to your website.

Appeal to High-Intent Prospects

Customers are constantly evaluating their options. Approximately 97 percent of consumers report that business reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Similarly, 95 percent of travelers read online reviews before booking accommodation. Internet reputation management involves review monitoring and reputation management, which allow you to amplify your positive business reviews across online platforms and position them in front of your target audience.

Generate Positive Business Reviews

According to statistics, 92 percent of online users don’t trust a brand without online reviews. Moreover, 23 percent said they have difficulty making a purchase decision when there are no product reviews. A reputation manager ensures your business has a steady flow of verified online reviews to guide your customers’ buying process. A reputation management firm also uses advanced reputation management software to build your review generation strategy and get honest online reviews from satisfied customers.

Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Loyalty

Selling to existing clients is 6-7 times cheaper than generating new customers. However, one of the biggest challenges that companies face today is keeping existing customers happy over the long term. Brand reputation management offers a unique way to promote brand transparency and build trust with your clients. Reputation management agencies leverage positive and negative online reviews to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction and build stronger client relationships.

Attract High-Performing Employees

Your team plays a crucial role in keeping your business alive and thriving. As such, you must ensure employee satisfaction is one of your top priorities. Internet reputation management allows you to measure employee engagement and experience and gather actionable insights to improve your staff retention and acquisition strategies further. Statistics show 69 percent of applicants would reject a job offer from a company with a negative reputation online. To attract suitable candidates and grow your team, you need to invest in a reputation management service focused on your holistic growth.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Whether you own an eCommerce store, a multi-location company, or a brick-and-mortar business, you need web reputation management to protect your brand image and grow new business. A Spiegel Research Center study found that online reviews increase conversions by 270 percent. Moreover, business reviews ramp up conversion rates of higher-priced products by up to 380 percent. With search engine reputation management, you can build better relationships with your prospects and maximize the multitude of interaction channels to convert them into paying customers.

Boost Your SEO Efforts

SEO reputation management is an excellent way to create awareness about your brand, amplify customer voices online and boost your search rankings. According to Moz, online reviews make up 15 percent of Google Local Pack ranking factors. By learning to get more reviews on Google and other review sites, you generate more user-generated content (UGC), which drives qualified traffic and conversions to your landing pages. The best reputation management companies integrate these UGCs into your Google My Business (GMB) profile and other marketing campaigns to showcase your brand’s trustworthiness and improve your click-through rates (CTRs) and Google rankings.

An Online Reputation Management Company That Delivers Results

At Jemma, we are dedicated and committed to helping businesses build brand awareness and credibility by encouraging positive reviews and restoring their brand names. Our reputation management firm partners with Rize Reviews to deliver results-driven online reputation services that increase the likelihood of your prospects choosing your company.

We’ve continuously developed and improved our reputation management services to provide our clients with the best online reputation management that fits their marketing needs and meets industry guidelines.

Extend Beyond Generating Positive Customer Reviews

Online Reputation Management Services

If you own, operate, or manage a business, you’re likely to receive a negative review from a dissatisfied customer. Even the most reputable businesses have experienced disgruntled customers from time to time.

Although it might be easy for successful businesses to shrug this off, they are often surprised to discover just how damaging the negative review of even one customer can be to their online reputation. If you have received a negative review online, whether it was legitimate or a scam, this can be frustrating and worrisome, and you may even feel violated and/or powerless.

You can improve your average ratings across review sites by using online reputation management software and investing in the exemplary online reputation management service. Here are some ways our reputation management company can help with online reputation management and get more 5-star Google reviews for your business:

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